The St Leonards Seniors Society (SLSS) was formed soon after St Leonards was founded in 1877. Its principal objectives are to enable former students to keep in touch with friends and the wider Seniors’ network, and to maintain their connection with St Leonards.

The Seniors Society is run by members of the SLSS Executive Committee - of which the Headmaster is President - and by Regional Centre representatives.

If you would be interested in becoming part of the Executive Committee, please contact the Alumni Relations & Events Coordinator on 01334 472 126 or by email at

SLSS Executive Committee

President: The Headmaster, Dr Michael Carslaw

Vice-Presidents: Mary Boulter (Miller), Betty Bushnell, Jane Claydon, Harriet Gash, Anne Griffiths (Stevenson), Mary James (Williams), Ann Lendrum (Austin), Carol Smith (Kydd), Anne Robson (MacWatt), Elizabeth Somerville (Walker), Mary Campbell-Brown (Catto), Thia Begg (Cunningham)

Hon. Secretary: Jane Claydon

Hon. Treasurer: Charlie Wilson

Elected Members: Joan Cowley (Smith), Seonaid Hastie-Smith (Watters), Elizabeth Picton (Wallace), Elizabeth Marquis Ridder, Katherine Gilbertson (Farndale)

Convenor of the Museum Committee: Jane Claydon

SLSS Finance Sub–Committee: The President, the Hon. Secretary, the Hon. Treasurer, Mary Boulter, Lauren McQuade, Alison Galloway (Development Manager)

The Secretary and President of each Centre

BORDERS Coordinators: Pat Middlemass (Smith) and Enid Cruickshank (Haddon)

DUNDEE Coordinator: Alison Bell (Compton)

EDINBURGH President: Lady Borthwick (Adelaide Birkmyre)
Secretary and Treasurer: Harriet Gash

GLASGOW Coordinator: Heather Burnet (Brodie Hepburn)

HIGHLANDS President: Mairi Wotherspoon (Stewart)

Secretary: currently vacant

LIVERPOOL President: Rachael Kinnings (Barlow)

Secretary: Sheila Webster (Stephenson)

LONDON President: currently vacant

Chairman: Mary Vavra (Raine)
Secretary to the London Centre, West: Sarah Baskerville (Brown) (Surrey, Hants, Berks and Wilts)

MIDLANDS President: Baroness Byford (Hazel Osborne)

Chairman: Mary Fulford (Frizelle)
Coordinator: Penny Davies (Ure)

MID-SCOTLAND Coordinator: currently vacant

NEWCASTLE President: currently vacant

Chairman: Alys Dodds (Armstrong) 

Secretary: Carol Smith (Kydd) 

Treasurer: Libbie Wilson (Scott)

NORTHERN IRELAND President: Margaret Collinson (Drennan)
Secretary: Sandra Conn (Hall)

ST ANDREWS President: currently vacant

currently vacant

SOUTHWEST ENGLAND Chairman: currently vacant

Secretary: Janet Watson (Morison)

YORKSHIRE Coordinator: Dorothy Rowbotham (Smyth)

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